Macedonia Baptist Church
Macedonia Baptist Church

The Church functions through the various ministry teams within the fellowship.  God has both called and gifted every member to serve within the chuch through these various ministries.


                            Church Ministries Purpose Statement


                Serving And Learning Together (SALT) Women's Ministry

To unite all women of the church into a missionary ministry that will stimulate growth in witnessing and working in the church, home and community.  Bringing us closer together to carry out the commission and broaden our horizon in this missionary endeavor.  To help provide leadership  and finer womanhood.


                                                  Brotherhood Ministry 

To encourage the men of this church to become leaders within their home and the

church by training and instruction from the Word of God.  To be godly examples, role models, and mentors for the youth of our church, in particular the young men who

have no father at home.


                                                  Youth Ministry

The purpose of the Macedonia Youth Ministry is to bring youth to Jesus; provide opportunities for spiritual growth through teaching, fellowship, and outreach activities; so they might fulfill God’s purposes for their lives.


                                                  Music Ministry 

To minister to God’s people through music that glorifies God, by offering opportunities for members to develop their musical gifts and talents with excellence.


                                                     Praise Team 

To lead God’s people in worshipping God through songs of praise and



                                                Usher’s Ministry 

To meet the needs of the Pastor during the worship services; verify all announcements are cleared through the Pastor; to greet each person entering for worship; ensure every visitor is identified; get attendance count; assist the handicap; and work with the nurses in case of illness during the worship service.


                                               Sunday School 

To bring individuals to Jesus and membership in His family, develop them in

Christ-like maturity, and equip them for their ministry in the church and their

mission in life, in order to magnify the name of Christ.  We are to teach God’s

Word so each believer understands and is equipped to carry out the five fold

purpose of the church.


                                                Children’s Church 

To provide both a worship and learning experience centered on the Word of God for the young.  Emphasis will be placed on the active participation of everyone in attendance.


                                      Love In Action Outreach Ministry 

To establish and maintain a viable presence within the Carver/Stevenson communities by ministering to the spiritual needs of the people with the intent of sharing the Gospel directly and indirectly.


                                                    Greeter Ministry 

The mission of the Greeter ministry is to make all those who attend our worship services feel welcome and comfortable, especially our guests.


                                                    Kitchen Ministry 

To plan, organize and oversee food preparation for fellowship meals, annual service dinners and any other church related meals held on the grounds.


                                                  Food Pantry Ministry 

To share the love of Christ by providing food resources to individuals and families in need.


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